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iBox Return, Refund & Cancellation Policy

Company Name: iBox Limited, with offices at Unit 5A, Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15
Email: service@iBox.ie

Returns - Services

Services provided by iBox, by virtue of the fact that they are not physical objects, cannot be returned.


Returns - Products

iBox does not sell products. Any equipment provided by iBox to customers, is to facilitate the provision of iBox services. This equipment remains the property of iBox, and is eligable to be returned to iBox when a customer is no longer receiving services provided via that equipment.

iBox may, at its sole discretion, decide to waive the requirement for customers to return equipment that is no longer in use. In this case, iBox will explicitly notify the customer (in writing or by email) that the equipment can be retained by the customer. In the absence of such a notification, the customer cannot assume they are entitled to retain the equipment.

If a customer cancels their subscription to iBox services, it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange delivery of equipment to iBox. If iBox incurs any costs in connection with the return of the equipment, these may be levied on the customer.

If a customer who has received equipment from iBox, decides they are unable or unwilling to use that equipment, or if it is not compatible with the customer's own equipment (eg TV), it is the customer's responsibility to arrange delivery of equipment to iBox. If iBox incurs any costs in connection with the return of the equipment, these may be levied on the customer.

If a customer suspects that equipment (provided by iBox) is faulty, they should notify iBox by email at service@ibox.ie. Upon receipt of this notification iBox staff will take steps to verify if the equipment is faulty. If iBox deem it necessary, arrangements will be made with the customer to return the faulty equipment, and provide a replacement. In this case, the customer will not be liable for any costs associated with the return & replacement.



Payment for iBox services is monthly, in advance. This means that rental payment for each month of service, is taken at the beginning of the month. With the exception of the scenarios outlined below, iBox does not normally refund portions of monthly fees.

When a customer is commencing a new service with iBox, and the first payment has been made, if a technical problem (which is the fault of iBox) delays the commencement of service, a refund may be made, commensurate with the period of the delay. In this scenario, if it transpires that service cannot be provided to the customer in the forseeable future, a full refund may be made to the customer.

When a customer is commencing a new service with iBox, and service cannot be provided as a result of an issue that is outside of iBox's control, iBox may provide a partial refund. The unrefunded portion of the payment is to cover costs incurred by iBox in setting up the customer's account & services and/or investigating the problem that prevented service delivery. In the case of TV service, iBox provides a free sample page on this website so that prospective customers may determine if thier broadband and/or wifi infrastructure is capable of delivering good-quality TV service.

iBox does not guarantee that services will be available, or will be of high-quality, at all times. This is because of the variable-quality nature of the infrastructure that our services are delivered over. As a result, iBox does not offer refunds for periods where service is temporarily unavailable, or where its quality falls below the standard expected by the customer.

Refunds are normally given in the form of credit, which will be offset against future fees. However if a person is ceasing all service with iBox, and iBox has agreed that a refund is due, a refund payment will be made, either as a refund to a credit card account, or as a cheque.



If you wish to cancel your iBox service subscription, you must provide 30 days notice, either in writing (to the address above) or by email to service@ibox.ie.

Any arrears of fees due must be paid in full before iBox will agree to cancel your subscription. If all arrears are paid, and any equipment belonging to iBox has been returned, you subscription will end 30 days after iBox receive the notice referred to above.

Some of our products are supplied on a 12-month contract-basis, which means you agree to pay for the service for a minimum 12-month period. If you have availed of one of these products, and you wish to cancel your subscription before the initial 12 months has expired, an early-termination fee will be levied by iBox. This will usually be equal to the amount of rental fee remaining between the date you cancel, and the date the initial 12-month period would have ended.


Status of this document

Please note this document has been provided as a guide for customers. In any case where a conflict arises between this document and the terms & conditions document posted on this website, the terms & conditions document will take precedence.