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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the iBox Android App work?

For the best experience on Android, we suggest you try the official iBox Android App. Watch this video to see the app in action.


Can I watch iBox on home TV or Smart TV?

Yes, if you have a moderately fast broadband connection, our TV picture is the same high quality you expect from satellite or cable TV.  If you use wifi for this connection, your TV must be located in an area of strong wifi signal. If you have a smart TV with a web browser, you may be able to watch iBox directly on the TV, without an app. This depends on the model of TV. To try this out, use the TV web browser to go to https://www.ibox.ie/epglogin.aspx and login with your iBox account details. Alternatively, you might wish to use an external TV box connected to your TV, and install our app on it. See details of supported devices below.


If you aren't sure how fast your broadband is, why not avail of our free first month offer. You can cancel your subscription before the end of the free month, and it won't cost you anything.

How does the iBox 7-Day Playback feature work?

You can re-watch any programme that was broadcast in the past 7-days. Simply scroll back in time on the Programme Guide, and when you find the programme you want to watch, just click on it. This also works great for programmes that were broadcast earlier today. So you don't miss the beginning of that programme you were late for.


NB: For phone and tablet users of our website, to playback a programme in the guide, you should tap once to see the programme details, pause and then tap a second time to start watching the programme.

What if my broadband is slow?

If your broadband connection slows down, iBox will adjust the picture quality to match. When it speeds up again, iBox will re-adjust to the higher quality.

Can I check if my broadband is fast enough?

On this web site, use our demo page to watch a free sample of our TV service. Or on an Android device, use the Free Sample feature of our app (on the Play Store).

How are payments made for iBox service?

iBox payments are taken automatically, at the beginning of each month. Payment is taken in advance. So for example, the payment at the beginning of June, covers service during the month of June.


Your first month is free. So no payment is taken on the day you join (unless you are buying a set top box also). However, at the beginning of the next month, a partial-month payment is taken. For example, if you join on April 21st, a payment equal to 10-days of service is taken on May 1st. This covers the period May 21st to May 31st.

I want to watch the TV service on my iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows 10 PC or Android device. Do I need to install an app?

You do not need to install an app, but we do have apps available if you want to use them. After you have signed up for our service (on this web site) you can simply use the web site to view TV. On this web site, we provide an easy-to-use web page for selecting the channel you want to watch, and also a TV guide.


NB: If you are using an Android device, for best results we recommend you install the free iBox app from the Google Play store. Also, if you have an Android set-top-box you can side-load our app on it.

Will I get the same quality picture on my Windows 10 PC, iPad or Mac, as I would on the Home TV service?

Yes, the same high quality picture is available on Windows 10, iPad or Mac as is available on the Home TV service. We can provide you with a set-top-box for use with your home TV, or you can provide your own Android set-top-box and side-load our app on it.


Also you can use AirPlay if you have an Apple TV box, to view TV from your iPhone or iPad, on the big screen.

What devices does iBox support today?

For web viewing, iBox supports iPhone, iPad, Macs, Windows 10 PC and Android.

We also have apps available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Apple TV. Our Android app supports Chromecast for your home TV.


We also support Live TV on Kodi media-centre software. See details on our Kodi Page.


If you are using an Android set-top-box, or Amazon Fire TV we provide apps you can side-load onto your device. This is a great way to get iBox onto your home TV.

Can I pause live TV with iBox?

With iBox you can pause the TV stream for up to a minute, and still resume from where you paused. If you pause for longer than that, when you resume, the programme will jump forward to the currently live programme.

Can I watch the iBox.ie TV service outside of Ireland?

We only provide TV service to customers located within the Republic of Ireland.

Can I watch the TV service using wireless broadband from a mobile phone network?

If you have a good quality 3G, 4G or WiMax connection you can watch the TV service. The speed of mobile networks tends to vary quite a lot, which may force your device to drop back to a lower quality stream from time-to-time, but this typically still provides acceptable quality. 3G networks are usually fine for mobile devices. GPRS or Edge networks are not suitable for TV service. We suggest you try the free sample above, to check if your connection is fast enough for our service.

Can I use Windows to watch the iBox.ie TV service?

You can watch iBox TV using the new 'Edge' web browser on Windows 10. Unfortunately iBox does not support earlier versions of Windows.